2014 Maine Readers' Choice Award

Visit the Readers' Choice Award website where the new books will be posted in 2014.

Library's Participation

Some files below require the free Adobe Reader or either Microsoft Word 2003 or above or the Word Viewer.

  • Add the three books to your collection; put the logo sticker on the books. [Note you need Avery 22806 labels - 2 x 2. Staples had them] Blank template.doc;[Word,29 kb]; label logo.jpg [732 kb]
  • Encourage your patrons to read the three novels.
  • Send a press release to your local paper.
  • Hang posters to promote:
  • Add the book award logo and a link to the website on your library website.
  • Use the bookmarks to promote.pdf, [PDF, 342kb]; PUB, [272kb]; Word, [537kb]
  • Offer a book journal to patrons: 2 page booklet: page 1; page 2 [Word, 750kb - pg 1; 16 kb pg 2]

Adding Logo

Directions to add logo to a web page

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  2. Please follow the directions for your web editor since "inserting an image" can be different for software.
  3. General: Align cursor where you want the image placed.
  4. Select the "Insert" or "Insert Image".
  5. Browse to the location on your computer where you saved the "logo" image and select it.
  6. Be sure to upload this image to your web server so the image will show. Web browsers link to this image for displaying.
  7. Add alternative or "alt" text for any image on your web pages. "ALT" text makes information about the image available to visually-impaired users. Follow directions for ALT for your web editor or add alt="Maine Readers' Choice Award" within the image tag of the HTML code. To use the logo as a link, choose the image and follow the directions of your web editor for adding a link. Usually there is a box "link" to add the web address - http://mainereaderschoiceaward.org/ - right below where you choose to add the image.

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