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Found on the Web – Personal Favorites

From Tom Yori, BIS: I personally enjoy, Scientific American magazine's home site, with many articles, and links of all sorts--not to mention the prolific and multifarious Nature magazine site,

From Melicent Versteeg, MRS: For the severe weather quiz - very informative

for the safari sites:

From Jeannie Gray, BIS: Want to know what the rules are to the old board games you used to play are? Try You can drill down through a game index to find out about lots of games, and the site has no paid ads or annoying animated distractions!

Got long lost relatives you have wondered about? Type the name(s) in Yahoo's People search page, and if he/she has a listed phone number, you might find them. Sent a short note to one I found in California and have been corresponding and talking with this cousin ever since. He's going to visit me in September when he travels here for the first time since 1969, when I met him at another cousin's wedding.

From Janey Barton, BIS: Northeast weather radar: and the Weather Channel--Augusta forecast:; and news: Portland Press Herald with links to other news sites, including the Kennebec Journal:, CNN news: and USA Today:

From Phil Magee, BIS: This site will help you personalize the sounds on your PC.

From your Editor, Mary Cloutier: – Maine Environmental Group and -. regional assessments of the conservation status of vertebrate species, (including a summary of the Southern Maine Wildlife study), and the application of this information to land management activities. The effort in Maine began in 1992 and is being conducted by the Maine Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit and cooperators.

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