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Winter in Maine

"If you can't stand the winters in Maine - you don't deserve the summers!"

Or "How To Be Better Prepared For Road Emergencies!"

One of the local television stations in Maine is running an ad on television for an emergency (storm) kit that they have put together. Their Winter Emergency Kit includes 10 vital items to help you with a roadside emergency. (We’re including this information only as a SAMPLE of what you might need to have in your vehicle to assist yourself and others during roadside emergencies)

Be smart, think safety! Minimally, you should have some, if not all, of these items in your vehicle at all times:

- A heavy duty flashlight with 2 D cell batteries,
- A rugged snow scraper,
- Candles (2) with waterproof safety matches,
- Purified water,
- Hand warmers,
- an emergency blanket ( a "must have at all times) ,
- Gloves,
- A handy folding shovel.

You can contact WCSH TV via for information on their kit or put together items from this list for your own vehicle emergency "kit". Or, check out for more information on driving in winter weather.

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