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Appointment & Termination Instructions

Pursuant to Title 24-A §1420-M (1), and (2), an insurance producer may not act as an agent of an insurer unless the insurance producer becomes an appointed agent of that insurer. To appoint a producer as its agent, the appointing insurer shall file, in a format approved by the superintendent, a notice of appointment within 15 days from the date the agency contract is executed or the first insurance application is submitted.

Please be aware that the State of Maine does not require an appointment for branch locations of business entities (agencies). Only the primary location needs to be appointed.

Insurers may appoint individuals and/or business entities using the following two methods:

1) Electronic Submissions: The Bureau is a participating state in the National Insurance Producer Registry’s Electronic Appointment/Termination system. To obtain information on subscribing to this service, please contact the NIPR Marketing at (816) 783-8467 or

2) Paper Submissions:

For paper submissions, insurers must use the Appointment/Termination form that is available on our website to report and pay for producer appointments.

No confirmation of appointment will be sent to the insurer. Confirmation that the Bureau of Insurance has received and processed the appointment can be verified on our website.

Special Note: Please do not submit the appointment form with applications for licensure. The form is to be submitted after the individual/business entity has become licensed.

Completion of form:

Before completing the form, be sure that the person/agency being appointed is actively licensed in Maine and not already appointed. Verification can be done on our website: under “Licensee Search”.

1. Please include the company name and address, and the contact name, phone number and extension, in case the Bureau of Insurance has questions concerning the completed form.

2. Please be aware that entries on the form must be either all appointments or all terminations.

3. Be sure to include the licensees’ name, prefix, license number and social security number. For business entity appointments, include the correct name, prefix, license number and the FEIN (Federal Employer Identification Number). Be sure the name is written on the form as it appears on the Maine license.

4. Include both the insurers’ Maine company license number and the NAIC number.
Note: Please be sure you are using the correct Maine license number. All license numbers begin with a 3 letter prefix. If you are not sure, please verify on our website or call.

5. Put the effective date that the insurer appointed or terminated the licensee.

6. The column with a C is to be checked only when the termination is “for cause”. A termination is “for cause” when an insurer ends its agency relationship with a producer for one of the reasons specified in Section 1420-K of the Maine Insurance Code. Terminations for cause must be submitted to the Superintendent within 30 days following the effective date of the termination. Additional written documentation must be submitted to the Maine Insurance Department in accordance with the requirements of Section 1420-N (1).

Appointments are per licensee, per company, no matter how many authorities the licensee holds. If adding a new authority and the licensee is already appointed to the company, no new appointment is needed.

Following is a list of individual and business entity (agency) prefixes that can hold an insurance company appointment in Maine (any other prefix is not acceptable):


Initial Appointment Fee

Producer- full and limited lines (PRR &PLR)
Producer Business Entity- Agency (AGR)
Motor Vehicle Business Entity (MVR)
Producer- full and limited lines (PRN &PLN)
Producer Business Entity- Agency (AGN)
Motor Vehicle Business Entity (MVN)


There is no fee for terminations.

Payment: Make checks payable to: Treasurer, State of Maine
Note: If paying by credit card the form is available on our website.

If you have any questions regarding these fees and new appointments, please contact Ann Tarr at (207) 624-8434 or e-mail:
If you have questions regarding appointment terminations, please contact Kathy Latulippe at (207) 624-8441 or e-mail:


Last Updated: February 4, 2014