The Department has contracted with the Society of American Foresters (“SAF”) to use the Certified Forester Examination as licensing examination for a forester license in Maine.  The examination consists of the 150 multiple-choice Certified Forester Examination plus 10 multiple-choice Maine forestry specific questions.   The Maine forestry specific questions will test the applicant’s competence in the following areas: Current Use/Tree Growth, Maine Forest Practice Act and Maine Forest Service Rule – Chapter 20, Land Use Regulation Commission (“LURC”) rules and Forester Licensing Requirements.  The allotted time to complete the examination is 3 hours.


Applicants must submit a complete license application and be approved by the Board to sit for the examination.  Once an applicant has been approved by the Board to sit for the examination, the Board staff will notify SAF that the applicant is eligible to register for the examination.  In addition, the Board staff will provide the applicant the SAF contact information that will allow the applicant to make arrangements with SAF for the administration of the examination.  The examination fee will be paid directly to SAF.  SAF will provide each exam candidate an online practice examination and a copy of the Certified Forester Examination Study Guide. 


Last Updated: January 6, 2014