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How Do I...? - Facts & History

How do I order a copy of a birth, marriage, divorce or death certificate?

See our Maine.gov Vital Records page for a guide to locating records and ordering copies of birth, marriage, divorce, and death certificates.

How do I find the Maine Constitution?

The Maine constitution is available online at http://legislature.maine.gov/const/

How do I find maps of Maine?

See our Maine.gov Maps page for a variety of map resources. You may request a free travel planner from the Maine Office of Tourism at http://www.visitmaine.com/guidebook/request.php .

How do I learn about Maine history?

See our Maine.gov History page. You may also want to contact a local historical society using our directory of historical societies.

How do I find the population of a specific town?

Use our Local Government portal to look up the town. Each town page includes a variety of facts and information, including the town population. You may also be interested in our Maine.gov Statistics page.

How do I get Maine weather and climate information?

Visit the Maine.gov weather page or sign up for personalized weather forecasts by email.

How do I find out about Maine's state symbols?

Visit our Maine Facts page for a list of the state symbols, motto, song, and seal.

How do I set up flag notifications?

To receive flag notifications, you can sign up to receive email or SMS notifications directly to you or you can sign up for RSS feeds which will place a bookmark on your web browser. Find out more about signing up for email notifications, or get more information about RSS feeds.