Sales Tax Forms, Certificates and Affidavits

If you are trying to get a blank sales tax return, you can download one .  Also, Internet filing is currently available on line for most sales taxpayers.

Affidavit for Commercial Windjammers (purchases of parts & supplies)
Affidavit of Exemption for 28 Day Continuous Rental [97k]
Affidavit of Exemption for Snowmobile & Trailgrooming Equipment [22k]
Affidavit for Commercial Wood Harvesting (purchases of parts & supplies)
Affidavit for Out of State Use of Promotional Materials [13k]
Affidavit for Purchases of Certain Products for Use in Commercial Agricultural, Fishing & Aquacultural Production & Animal Agriculture [23k]
Affidavit Regarding Lease of Automobile for Service Customer [49k]
Affidavit Regarding Purchases of Aircraft Parts [40k]
Boat Building Affidavit [14k]
Interstate Commerce Affidavit - Retail Sale [24k]
Interstate Commerce Affidavit - Casual Sale [23k]
Immediate Removal Affidavit [15k]
Immediate Removal - Watercraft [25k]
Manufactured Housing Affidavit [33k]
Purchases of Electricity or Depreciable Machinery or Equipment for Use in Commercial Agriculture, Commercial Fishing or Commercial Aquacultural Production & Fuel Used in a Commercial Fishing Vessel[17k]
Out of State Delivery Affidavit [28k]
Commercial Farmer Exemption Application [57k]
Commercial Fisherman Exemption Application [59k]
Commercial Wood Harvesting Application [50k]
Exemption Application for Maine Commercial Windjammers
Farmer/Fisherman Sales Tax Refund Application [31k]
Motor Vehicle Oil Premium Reimbursement Application [74k] UPDATED Effective 01/01/2014
Pine Tree Development Zone Contractor's Refund Application [32]
Qualified Community Wind Power Generator Application for Refund [23k]
Sales Tax Refund Application [28k]
Certificate of Exemption to Purchase an Automobile, Camper Trailer or Motor Home for Lease or Short-Term Rental NEW (formerly STMV63)
Contractor's Exemption Certificate [10k]
Exemption Certificate For Packaging Material [11k]
Industrial Users Exemption Certificate [31k]
Uniform Sales and Use Certificate (off site link)
Dealers & Lessors Supplemental Report (STMV8) Excel fillable form
Dealers & Lessors Supplemental Report (STMV8) PDF fillable form
Use Tax Certificate fillable form [17k] (For use in registering vehicles)
Individual Use Tax Form