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PRESS RELEASE - Maine Revenue Services Warns of Identity Theft and Fraudulent Income Tax Returns

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If an electronic payment or refund is requested that is funded from or destined to a source outside of the U.S. or will pass through foreign banks, then payments coming in and refunds going out need to be processed in paper check form.

Type Service
1040 FastFile E-File | I-File | Refund Status
Sales/Use and Service Provider Tax

Sales/Use I-File | Service Provider I-File | Having trouble connecting? | Instructions for uploading a consolidated file | I-file Brochure

Payroll Taxes

Payroll Internet Filing of Quarterly Returns or Annual Reconciliation Form W-3ME

Internet File - Withholding or Unemployment Returns & Form W-3ME

Instructions for Uploading Wage Listing Excel File | Formatted Excel Spreadsheet Files

Internet Filing Quarterly Return Instructions

MEETRS Electronic Filing Portal for Employment Taxes

Logon to the MEETRS Bulk File Upload System for Filing Quarterly Returns, Annual Reconciliation Statements & Annual Statements

MEETRS Quarterly Returns, W-3ME, 1099/W2-G & W-2 Upload Specifications and Instructions

Property Tax Real Estate Transfer Tax
Register for Sales/Use/Service Provider & Withholding Tax

Online Application for Tax Registration

Electronic Payments

Maine EZ Pay | Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT)