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§980. Taxation and fees

Notwithstanding any other provision of law, for the purposes of this chapter, transactions and property of the authority shall be treated as follows.

1. Revenue obligation securities; exemption from taxation. Revenue obligation securities of the authority are declared to be issued for an essential public and governmental purpose and to be public instruments and, together with interest and income, including the profit made from their transfer or sale, shall be exempt from taxation within the State.

2. Conveyances, leases, mortgages, deeds of trust; indentures; exemptions from taxation.  Conveyances by or to the authority and leases, mortgages and deeds of trust or trust indentures by or to the authority shall be exempt from all taxation by the State or any of its political subdivisions, including, but not limited to, any applicable license, excise or other taxes imposed in respect of the privilege of engaging in any of the activities in which the authority may engage.

3.  Property exemption from taxation and other assessments. Property acquired, held or transferred by the authority shall be exempt from all taxes and from betterments and special assessments of the city, town, county, State or any political subdivision thereof. The authority may agree to make payments in lieu of taxes to the applicable political subdivisions.

NOTE: Exemption does not apply to a legal assessment levied for a tax year prior to the FAME title to property.


§9081. Definitions

            As used in this subchapter, unless the context otherwise indicates, the following terms have the following meanings.

1. Mobile home. "Mobile home" means a structure, transportable in one or more sections which is 8 body feet or more in width and is 32 body feet or more in length and which is built on a permanent chassis and designed to be used as a dwelling with or without a permanent foundation when connected to the required utilities and includes the plumbing, heating, air conditioning and electrical systems contained therein.

2. Mobile home park. "Mobile home park" means a parcel or adjoining parcel of land, under single ownership, that has been planned and improved for the placement of 3 or more mobile homes, but does not include a construction camp.

§9090. Municipal foreclosure; unlicensed mobile home parks

            Notwithstanding any other provision of law, a municipality that, as a result of the nonpayment of property taxes, forecloses and takes possession of real estate on which is located an unlicensed mobile home park may, if the municipality determines the park poses a risk to public health, welfare or safety, close the park and, with at least 30 days' prior written notice, evict the inhabitants of the park. A municipality that takes possession of real estate on which is located an unlicensed mobile home park does not enter a landlord and tenant relationship with any inhabitant of the park and is not subject to the provisions of chapter 953 or any other laws governing relations between a landlord and tenant. This section does not apply to a municipality that is or becomes the licensed operator of the mobile home park.