2007 Municipal Valuation Return Statistical Summary


Section Information    
1 Certified Ratio, Land, Building, Personal Property PDF HTML
2 Total Real and Personal, Commitment, Tax Rate, Homestead, TIF Districts PDF HTML
3 Excise Tax, Industrial Property, Distribution & Transmission, Dam & Powerhouse PDF HTML
4 Tree Growth PDF HTML
5 Farmland PDF HTML
6 Open Space, Working Waterfront PDF HTML
7 Exempt Property (US & State, Municipal Corp., Public Water, Airports/Landfields, Sewage Facility) PDF HTML
8 Exempt Property Continued (Benevolent & Charitable, Literary & Scientific, Veterans Organizations, Church & Parsonages) PDF HTML
9 Exempt Veteran Property PDF HTML
10 Exempt Property Continued (Chamber of Commerce, Fraternal Organizations, Leased By Hospital, Blind, Waste Storage, Pollution Control, Snow Grooming, Other, Total Exemptions) PDF HTML
11 Municipal Records - Maps, Parcel Count, Revaluations PDF HTML
12 State Valuations 2002-2008 PDF HTML