2008 Municipal Valuation Return Statistical Summary


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1 Certified Ratio, Land, Building, Personal Property, Total Real and Personal PDF HTML
2 Commitment, Tax Rate, Homestead, BETE, TIF Districts PDF HTML
3 Excise Tax, Industrial Property, Distribution & Transmission, Dam & Powerhouse PDF HTML
4 Tree Growth PDF HTML
5 Farmland PDF HTML
6 Open Space, Working Waterfront PDF HTML
7 Exempt Veteran Property PDF HTML
8 Exempt Property (US & State, Municipal Corporations, Water Supply outside Municipal Corp, Airport, Private Landing Field, Sewage Facility) PDF HTML
9 Exempt Property Continued (Benevolent & Charitable, Literary & Scientific, Veterans Organizations, Church & Parsonages, Chambers of Commerce/Brds of Trade) PDF HTML
10 Exempt Property Continued (Fraternal Organizations, Leased By Hospital, Blind, Waste Supply, Pollution Control, Snow Grooming, Other, Total Exemptions) PDF HTML
11 Municipal Records - Maps, Parcel Count, Revaluations PDF HTML
12 State Valuations 2003-2009 PDF HTML