Tax Maps and Valuation Listings

Tax Map

Order Process for Tax Maps or Valuation Listing for Unorganized Townships can be made in the following manner:

1. Determine the tax map number(s) or valuation book listing(s) you want to order. This information can be obtained by contacting our office at 207-624-5611.

NOTE: Some Townships have more than one map reference. Please call before you order. If you place an order using the form and do not indicate the multiple map reference, you will automatically be sent the first map for that Township.

2. Print the form and fill in the required information.

3. Enclose a check or money order made payable to "Treasurer, State of Maine".

NOTE: Your order will not be processed unless the payment has been received.

4. Mail the form and the payment to:

Unorganized Territory, Property Tax Division, Attn: Jeff Glazier, PO Box 9106, Augusta, Maine 04332-9106


Each Tax Map with ownership listing - $5.00
Valuation Book Listing (owner name, address, map and lot numbers, valuations) - 20 cents for each page ($3.00 minimum charge)