Time Line Bassed on Calendar Year 2011

January: Lien Warning Notices mailed out for 2010 delinquent Real Estate Accounts.

February: Final Notice of Foreclosure mailed out for 2009 year delinquent Real Estate Accounts.

March: Liens recorded prior to March 15th for 2010 delinquent Real Estate Accounts. Liens for 2009 unpaid taxes mature March 30th and State takes title to property.

April: April 1st, State of Maine Assessment date. Property is assessed and taxed based on its ownership and status on this date. Title 36, Section 706, Inventory forms/Status Reports mailed.

May: 2011 Inventory/Status forms processed.

June: Preparing Real Estate Accounts for commitment.

July: 90 Days from Legistature adjournment, Tax Acquired property can be redeemed by prior owner.

August: Tax bills for Real Estate and Personal property mailed for 2011 taxes. Bills are due upon receipt.

September: Canadian 706 forms mailed.

October: After October 1st, interest on 2011 Real Estate and Personal Property taxes begin to accrue at 7% annually.

November: Canadian tax bills mailed for machinery and equipment located in Maine.

December: Bid list for 2008 Tax acquired property is available.