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Commissioners Seals

State of Maine Commissioners' Seals: from the Correspondence to the Secretary of State


Scan of Chapter 134 of 1837 allowing the Governor to appoint out-of-state Commissioners to record deeds, etc.

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Seal of Theodore L. Moody from Alabama

Seal of Theodore L. Moody

Alabama - 1838


Commissioners Seal of Wingate Hayes, Providence, RI

Seal of Wingate Hayes

Providence, RI - 1859


Commissioners Seal of F.J. Thibault, San Francisco, CA

Seal of F.J. Thibault

San Francisco, CA - 1858


Commissioners Seal of Charles I. Bushnell for New York

Seal of Charles I. Bushnell

New York - 1846


Commissioners Seal of Nathaniel J. Herrick, Saint Paul, Minnesota

Seal of Nathaniel J. Herrick

Saint Paul, Minnesota - 1859


Commissioners Seal of Charels De Selding, Washington, DC

Seal of Charles De Selding

Washington, DC - 1846


Commissioners Seal of Fletcher C. Andrew, Stockton, CA

Seal of Fletcher C. Andrew

Stockton, CA - 1860


Commissioners Seal of Lewis Hurst, New York

Seal of Lewis Hurst

New York - 1856


Commissioners Seal of Oren D. Bragdon, New Orleans, LA

Seal of Oren D. Bragdon

New Orleans, LA - 1872


Commissioners Seal of J.H. Woodward, Houston, TX

Seal of J.H.H. Woodward

Houston, TX - 1858


Commissioners Seal of J. Thompson Hallett, Milwaukee, WI

Seal of J. Thompson Hallett

Milwaukee, WI - 1856


Commissioners Seal of John M. Fisk, Boston, MA

Seal of John M. Fisk

Boston, MA - 1859


Commissioners Seal of John T. Pitman, Great Britain and Ireland

Seal of John T. Pitman

Great Britain and Ireland - 1857


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