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Guidelines for Consultant Visits

Although written for grant projects, this will help you get the most from a consultant visit.

Funded by the Historical Collections Grant Program 5-12-09


There are separate grant programs for archival and artifact collections. Be sure you know what parts of your collection are included in the funded project.

Visit preparation

Grantee will provide to consultant in advance of the visit:

- a copy of the grant proposal

- a copy of the award letter and any other relevant correspondence from the grantor

- a copy of Mission Statement and Collections Policy and any other basic information on the organization

- any other information requested by the consultant

The visit

The consultant and grantee will mutually agree to the date of the visit. It is important to take advantage of the consultant visit by involving as many people as possible. In particular, the Collections Committee and the President of the Board or other decision-makers in the organization should take part. Depending on the makeup of individual organizations, the amount of participation and the timing could vary, but every effort should be made to get the most out of the consultant visit. The goals of the visit and the agenda should be discussed in advance.

After the visit

After the visit, the Consultant will provide a written report within two to four weeks. The written report should comment on, and make recommendations in, the following areas, with special attention to any items that have been emphasized in the grant award letter:

- Issues of governance (Mission Statement, Collections Policy, etc.)

- Physical storage and use areas

- Organization of collections

- Use of collections (rules for researchers, etc.)

- Priority projects

- activities that do not require money

- activities that require funding, with special attention to projects eligible for Historical Collections Grant Program funding

- If applicable, recommendations for supplies

Follow-up by the local Committee

- Present the Report to the Board or Executive Committee

- Discuss the Report in the Collections Committee and create an action plan and timetable

- Include a copy of the Consultant Report in the Final Report to the grantor

- Review the Report periodically