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June 11, 2002 Primary Election
Candidate Changes
after the March 15, 2002 Deadline
as of May 30, 2002

                                                              Replacement   Replacement
Office  District   Party   Candidate              Action        Allowed      Candidate
 SS        9         D     Deanna L. Partridge    Withdrawn        No

 SS       20         D     Nancy L. Chizmar       Deceased        Yes    Paul Chizmar
                                                                         11 School Street
                                                                         Lisbon Falls 04252

 SS       24         D     Joseph P. Derouche     Withdrawn       Yes    Bruce Bryant
                                                                         Box 2470
                                                                         Canton Point Road
                                                                         Dixfield 04224

 SS       25         R     G. Paul Waterhouse     Withdrawn        No

 SR        9         D     Jayson Allain          Disqualified    Yes    Matthew S. Whittier
                                                                         36 Brunell Avenue
                                                                         Sanford 04073

 SR       11         D     David McKechnie        Disqualified    Yes    David McKechnie
                                                                         15 Simon Ricker Road
                                                                         Shapleigh 04076

 SR       14         R     John W. Vedral         Withdrawn        No

 SR       14         D     William R. Savage      Withdrawn       Yes    Bonita J. Breault
                                                                         37 Boynton Road
                                                                         Buxton 04093

 SR       28         R     Deborah Frank          Withdrawn        No

 SR       59         D     Leroy L. Jones         Withdrawn        No

 SR       64         D     Annie F. Switser       Disqualified    Yes    David C. Miner
                                                                         448 Pleasant St.
                                                                         Mechanic Falls 04256

 SR       67         D     Bruce Bryant           Withdrawn        No

 SR       72         D     Idella Harter          Disqualified    Yes    Idella M. Harter
                                                                         17 Josslyn Street
                                                                         Auburn 04210

 SR      101         D     William Bois           Withdrawn        No

 SR      101         R     Philip N. Roy Jr.      Withdrawn        No

 SR      107         D     Julie A. Logan         Disqualified    Yes    Julie A. Logan
                                                                         PO Box 121
                                                                         Winterport 04496

 SR      122         D     Sally A. Holland       Withdrawn        No

 SR      123         R     Matthew S. Allen       Disqualified    Yes    No replacement named
                                                                         by 4/30/02 deadline

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