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December 11, 2002
as posted in 5 daily Maine newspapers


Public Input for Proposed and Adopted Rules

Notices are published each Wednesday to alert the public regarding state agency rule-making. You may obtain a copy of any rule by notifying the agency contact person. You may also comment on the rule, and/or attend the public hearing. If no hearing is scheduled, you may request one -- the agency may then schedule a hearing, and must do so if 5 or more persons request it. If you are disabled or need special services to attend a hearing, please notify the agency contact person at least 7 days prior to it. Petitions: you can petition an agency to adopt, amend, or repeal any rule; the agency must provide you with petition forms, and must respond to your petition within 60 days. The agency must enter rule-making if the petition is signed by 150 or more registered voters, and may begin rule-making if there are fewer. You can also petition the Legislature to review a rule; the Executive Director of the Legislative Council (115 State House Station, Augusta, ME 04333, phone 207/287-1615) will provide you with the necessary petition forms. The appropriate legislative committee will review a rule upon receipt of a petition from 100 or more registered voters, or from "...any person who may be directly, substantially and adversely affected by the application of a rule..." (Title 5 Section 11112). World-Wide Web: Copies of the weekly notices and the full texts of adopted rule chapters may be found on the World-Wide Web at:


AGENCY: 10-144 - Department of Human Services, Bureau of Family Independence
RULE TITLE OR SUBJECT: Ch. 301, Food Stamp Manual - Updated List of Waived Geographic Areas for Time Limited Rule for ABAWDS, Removal of Geographic Exemptions for Work Registration, Excess Utility Costs
CONCISE SUMMARY: Food Stamp applicants and recipients are not able to be exempt from work registration regulations due to geographic location. The following are the counties/municipalities that have had this exemption that will no longer exist: Androscoggin County: Leeds, Livermore, Livermore Falls and Mechanic Falls; Aroostook County (all); Cumberland County: Harrison; Franklin County (all); Hancock County (all); Kennebec County. Albion, Benton, Clinton, Gardiner, Monmouth, Mount Vernon, Readfield, and Vienna; Oxford County (all); Penobscot County: Alton, Bradford, Bradley, Burlington, Carmel, Carroll Pit., Charleston, Chester, Clifton, Corinna, Corinth, Dexter, Dixmont, Drew. Pit., East Millinocket, Edinburg, Enfield, Etna, Exeter, Garland, Greenbush, Howland, Hudson, Kingman Twp., LaGrange, Lakeville, Lee, Levant, Lincoln, Lowell, Mattawamkeag, Maxfield, Medway, Millinocket, Mt. Chase, Newburgh, Passadumkeag, Patten, Penobscot Nation, Plymouth, Sebois Pit., Springfield, Stacyville, Stetson, Webster Pit., Winn, and Woodville; Piscataquis (all); Sagadahoc: Bowdoin and Richmond; Somerset County (all); Washington County (all); Waldo County: Burnham, Frankfort, Freedom, Islesboro; Liberty, Palermo, Stockton Springs, Thorndike, and Troy; York County: Ogunquit and Sanford.
Food Stamp applicants and recipients living in the following counties/municipalities are no longer exempt from the time limited rules for ABAWDS (Able Bodied Adults Without Dependents) as those municipalities (or the county to which they belong) no longer have an unemployment rate greater than 20% of the national rate. The unemployment rates in these areas have not been at least twenty (20) percent higher than the national average for a recent twenty-four (24) month period. The areas are: Aroostook County: Amity, Blaine, Caribou, Castle Hill, Chapman, Easton, Frenchville, Garfield Pit., Hammond Plt., Hodgdon, Linneus, Littleton, Ludlow, Madawaska, Mapleton, Mars Hill, Masardis, Merrill, Nashville Pit., New Limerick, Presque Isle, Smyrna, Wade, Washburn, Westfield, Westmandland, and Woodland; Hancock County: Blue Hill, Brooklin, Brooksville, Castine, Dedham, Deer Isle, Frenchboro, Penobscot, Stonington, Swans Island, and Verona; and Penobscot County: Dixmont and Drew Plt.
Food Stamp applicants and recipients living in the following counties/municipalities (in addition to those already in policy) are now exempt from the time limited rules for ABAWDS (Able Bodied Adults Without Dependents): Androscoggin County: Minot; York County: Acton.
In addition, this rule clarifies that residents in public housing who pay for excess utility costs may use this cost used as separate utility cost in order to receive a non-heat standard allowance.
PUBLIC HEARING): None scheduled unless requested by 5 or more people.
AGENCY CONTACT PERSON: Richard Morrow, Food Stamp Program Manager
AGENCY NAME: Department of Human Services, Bureau of Family Independence
ADDRESS: 11 State House Station, Whitten Road, Augusta, ME 04333-0011
TELEPHONE: (207) 287-5093
TTY: (207) 287-6948


AGENCY: 65-407 - Public Utilities Commission
CHAPTER NUMBER AND TITLE: Ch. 380, Electric Energy Conservation Program
CONCISE SUMMARY: (1) to determine the definitions of low-income and small business consumer pursuant to 35-A M.R.S.A. 3211-A and (2) to bring existing terms of Chapter 380 into compliance with P.L. 2001 ch. 624.
EFFECTIVE DATE: December 9, 2004
AGENCY NAME: Public Utilities Commission
ADDRESS: 242 State Street, Station 18, Augusta, ME 04333-0018
TELEPHONE: (207) 287-3831

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