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June 25, 2008

As posted in 5 daily Maine newspapers

Public Input for Proposed and Adopted Rules

Notices are published each Wednesday to alert the public regarding state agency rule-making. You may obtain a copy of any rule by notifying the agency contact person. You may also comment on the rule, and/or attend the public hearing. If no hearing is scheduled, you may request one -- the agency may then schedule a hearing, and must do so if 5 or more persons request it. If you are disabled or need special services to attend a hearing, please notify the agency contact person at least 7 days prior to it. Petitions: you can petition an agency to adopt, amend, or repeal any rule; the agency must provide you with petition forms, and must respond to your petition within 60 days. The agency must enter rule-making if the petition is signed by 150 or more registered voters, and may begin rule-making if there are fewer. You can also petition the Legislature to review a rule; the Executive Director of the Legislative Council (115 State House Station, Augusta, ME 04333, phone 207/287-1615) will provide you with the necessary petition forms. The appropriate legislative committee will review a rule upon receipt of a petition from 100 or more registered voters, or from "...any person who may be directly, substantially and adversely affected by the application of a rule..." (Title 5 Section 11112). World-Wide Web: Copies of the weekly notices and the full texts of adopted rule chapters may be found on the internet at:


AGENCY: 06-096 - Department of Environmental Protection
RULE TITLE: Ch. 137, Emission Statements
CONCISE SUMMARY: Ch. 137 establishes requirements for facilities to report air pollutant emissions. The proposed amendments require facilities to submit an emissions inventory by May 1 of each year (previously July 1). Also, thirteen hazardous air pollutants (HAPS) from fuel burning sources will be reported by those facilities regardless of the level emitted and 29 HAPS, currently reported to DEP, but not reported to EPA, are deleted from this rule. The proposed changes align the rule more closely with the new federal rules. Copies of this rule are available upon request by contacting the Agency contact person listed below or on the DEP website at
Pursuant to Maine law, interested parties must be publicly notified of the proposed rulemaking, the public hearing and be provided an opportunity for comment. Any party interested in providing public comment can testify at the public hearing or provide written comments before the end of the comment period. All comments should be sent to the Agency contact person.
STATUTORY AUTHORITY: 38 MRSA §§ 585-A, 585-C and 575
PUBLIC HEARING: July 17, 2008, 9:00 a.m., Holiday Inn, Augusta, Maine
DEADLINE FOR COMMENTS: July 31, 2008, 5:00 p.m.
AGENCY CONTACT PERSON: Tammy Gould, Bureau of Air Quality Control, Department of Environmental Protection, 17 State House Station, Augusta, ME 04333
TELEPHONE: (207) 287-2437
FAX: (207) 287-7641

AGENCY: 10-144 - Department of Health and Human Services, Office of Integrated Access and Support
RULE TITLE OR SUBJECT: Ch. #332, MaineCare Eligibility Manual, Rev. #242P: Chart III(L), Katie Beckett Premiums
CONCISE SUMMARY: The Department is holding this additional hearing due to technical difficulties experienced during the public hearing that was held for this same rule on June 2, 2008. Because of this additional public hearing date and the subsequent extension of time for the public to provide written comments, the proposed rule change will not take effect until October 1, 2008.
This rule making updates the MaineCare Eligibility Manual’s Katie Beckett premium Chart III-(L) to reflect the mandated increase in Katie Beckett premiums.
This rule implements an increase in the monthly premium requirement for children who are covered under the MaineCare Katie Beckett coverage group as directed by the Legislature.
The Department expects to achieve mandated cost savings in the Medicaid Program as a result of increasing the monthly premium for children covered under the Katie Beckett coverage group.
STATUTORY AUTHORITY: 22 MRSA §3173 and, 22 MRSA §3173-F and PL 2007 c. 539 PART A & 42 USC §1396o (Section 1916 of the Social Security Act)
PUBLIC HEARING: Monday, July 14, 2008 at 5:00 p.m.
Public Hearing Locations:
Augusta: Department of Health and Human Services, Main Conference Room, 221 State Street
Bangor: Department of Health and Human Services, Large Conference Room, 396 Griffin Road
Caribou: Department of Health and Human Services, Conference Room A, 30 Skyway Drive
Portland: Department of Health and Human Services, Conference Room B, 161 Marginal Way
The hearing will be held simultaneously at all of the sites. The public will be able to participate from any of the locations listed above and will be able to hear and see the participants from all locations. Any interested party requiring special arrangements to attend the hearing must contact the agency person listed below before July 3rd, 2008.
AGENCY CONTACT PERSON: Bethany Hamm, MaineCare Program Manager, Department of Health and Human Services, Office of Integrated Access and Support, 11 State House Station, 268 Whitten Road, Augusta, Maine 04333-0011
TELEPHONE: (207) 287-2637
TTY: (800)-606-0215 (Deaf/Hard of Hearing)


AGENCY: 02-041 - Department of Professional and Financial Regulation, Office of Licensing and Registration
CHAPTER NUMBER AND TITLE: Ch. 10, Establishment of License Fees
CONCISE SUMMARY: This amendment increases the biennial license fee for radiologic technologists, limited radiographers and holders of a special permit from $50 to $75 and increases the license fee for temporary licensees from $10 to $50. This amendment also corrects the descriptions of license examinations required by the State Board of Funeral Service, but does not change the fees charged for the examinations.
EFFECTIVE DATE: June 23, 2008
AGENCY CONTACT PERSON: Jeffrey Frankel, Staff Attorney, Office of Licensing and Registration, 35 State House Station, Augusta, ME 04333
TELEPHONE: (207) 624-8615

AGENCY: 10-144 - Department of Health and Human Services, Office of MaineCare Services
CHAPTER NUMBER AND TITLE: Ch. 115, Principles of Reimbursement for Residential Care Facilities - Room and Board Costs
CONCISE SUMMARY: The Office of Maine Care Services is adopting changes to 10-144 CMR, Ch. 115, Principles of Reimbursement for Residential Care Facilities- Room and Board Costs. The Department has changed Definition 24(b), 28(c) and Sections 20.43(b) and 30.62 where language was added to clarify when investment income from gifts, grants and endowments would be applied. Finally, the Department also made grammatical changes in Sections 20.32(b)(1) and 20.32(b)(2) to restore language that was inadvertently changed during the November 1, 2007 rulemaking. This rulemaking has no adverse impact on small business.
See for rules and related rulemaking documents.
EFFECTIVE DATE: July 1, 2008
AGENCY CONTACT PERSON: Patricia Dushuttle, Division of Policy and Performance, 442 Civic Center Drive, 11 State House Station, Augusta, Maine 04333-0011
TELEPHONE: (207)-287-9362
FAX: (207) 287-9369
TTY: 1 (800) 423-4331 or (207) 287-1828 (Deaf/Hard of Hearing)