Data & Facts

This section contains data on both non-fatal and fatal suicidal behavior in Maine gathered from established sources, generally figured using five year averages*. Whether you are looking for a basic fact sheet or a more in-depth exploration of data and trends, this section will have information useful to you.

Since the inception of the Maine Suicide Prevention Program, there has been a steady decline in the incidence of fatal youth suicidal behavior and Maine currently ranks 24th in the nation for suicide deaths in the 10-24 year old population. While that represents real progress, suicide still remains the second leading cause of youth death in Maine, claiming an average of 20 youth lives per year. This section contains information that will help you understand the scope and nature of the problem.

*It is important to note that due to the small population size and the small number of suicides each year, the suicide rates can vary greatly from year to year.