Lifelines Training

What are the Lifelines Student Lessons?

The Lifelines Student Lessons are organized into four 45-minute lesson plans that can easily be adapted to two 90-minute lessons. The lessons are taught by classroom teachers in an interactive style. While developmentally appropriate for 8th-12th grades, the lessons are best suited for grades 8-10. Students discuss the critical role they play in responding to their friends. They are taught to identify suicidal behavior, provide an appropriate response, know how to obtain help for their friends and themselves, and most importantly, to be inclined to take such action. To maximize safety, the lessons should be implemented only after other components of a comprehensive suicide prevention program are implemented.

Who Should Attend?

Lifelines Teacher Training is for health educators and others implementing the Lifelines student lessons within the school health curriculum. Gatekeeper Training is a pre-requisite for this program. If suicide prevention is a new topic for the instructor, it is recommended that he/she present it with a teaching partner. The partner can be anyone else who attended Gatekeeper Training. School nurses, guidance counselors, social workers, other experienced teachers or other interested persons are good partners.

What’s In It for You?

Teaching materials, increased understanding of recommended ways of teaching youth how to prevent suicide, and increased personal comfort level with the ability to provide the program with fidelity through a process of demonstration, practice, and feedback opportunities.

Topics include:

  • Rationale for the Lifelines Program and how it fits within a comprehensive approach to youth suicide prevention,
  • review contents of Lifelines Lessons on how they fit within an interactive teaching model,
  • demonstrate and discuss the four lessons, and
  • participant questions and comments.

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