Income/Estate Tax Division


The Income/Estate Tax Division administers multiple tax programs, listed below, as well as some Tax Relief programs.

Tax Programs

Corporate Income Tax (1120ME)

Employer Withholding [Wages, Pensions, Backup] (941ME and 941/C1-ME)

Estate Tax (706ME)

Fiduciary Income Tax (1041ME)

Franchise Tax (1120B-ME)

Individual Income Tax (1040ME)

Pass-Through Entity Withholding (941P-ME) and Returns

Real Estate Withholding (REW)

Other Information

Business Income Tax Audit Unit

Voluntary Disclosure Agreements

Guidance Documents

Income Tax Credit Programs

All Tax Credit Worksheets

Child Care Credit & Application

Property Tax Fairness Credit

New Markets Capital Investment Program

Pine Tree Development Zone Credit

Credit for Rehabilitation of Historic Properties

Contact Information:

P.O. Box 1060
Augusta, ME 04332-1060

Phone: 207-626-8475
Fax: 207-624-9694