Staff Trainings

The adults who work in our schools play an important role in ensuring a safe environment for all our students. To help achieve this, the Civil Rights Team Project offers trainings for school administrators, faculty, and support staff.

In-Service Training: Challenging Bias and Harassment in Our Schools

Suggested Audience: Any adults who work with students in elementary, middle level, and/or high schools. All Maine schools are eligible for this service, free of charge.

Time Commitment: 3 full hours, which includes breaks.

In-Service Description:

Students struggle to learn when they feel unsafe, unwelcome, or disrespected in school. The mission of the Civil Rights Team Project is to increase the safety of all Maine students. This in-service will help participants work individually and collaboratively to help insure that all students can learn in an environment free of harassment where they feel safe, welcome, and respected.

Is this an anti-bullying workshop?

No. That answer surprises many people, but the Civil Rights Team Project focuses on bias behaviors, especially those related to race, national origin and ancestry, religion, physical and mental disability, gender, and sexual orientation.

Bullying and bias are sometimes connected, but they are not the same thing. This distinction is an important part of this training.

Other Training Options:

While the official in-service training is our preferred option, schools can also arrange for shorter and more informal training sessions with the Civil Rights Team Project.

If you are interested in scheduling the Civil Rights Team Project for a training session, in-service or otherwise, please contact:

Brandon Baldwin
Schools and Curriculum Coordinator