Get Involved

What do you enjoy about your woods? A quiet walk, the symphony of song birds, valuable timber, memories of a successful hunt, the smell of fallen leaves, wildlife tracks, a babbling brook, or simply sharing time with your family in nature? These are just a few rewards of a good relationship between you and your land.

A good place to start is to take a woods walk with a professional. Maine Forest Service District Foresters work with landowners throughout Maine. District Foresters are close at hand, working in every corner of the State. Our District Foresters are not just experts; they're experts who work for you.

As Licensed Foresters, Maine Forest Service District Foresters hold degrees in Forestry and related fields, and have a wealth of experience. Often, though, it is a Forester's local knowledge that is most helpful to Maine landowners. It's true that our District Foresters know more about Maine's trees and woodlands than almost anyone. To seek professional forestry advice, contact the Maine Forest Service at 1-800-367-0223. Find your District Forester.

In your meeting with your District Forester, they are likely to talk about well managed woodlands and being a good steward. Growing "Woods Wise" begins with your land, your vision, and your choices. The Maine Forest Service (MFS) “Be Woods Wise” tools will help you make the right choices for your woodland. And our advice is FREE.

Management of your woodland is an evolving story, with distinct steps along the way. The Kennebec Woodland Partnership has developed a guide called “Your Woodland” to help you make decisions about your woodland.