Maine Public Library Fund State Income Tax Check-off

Support Maine Public Libraries by donating via your Maine Income Tax form using Schedule CP Charitable Contributions and Purchase of Park Passes. Donating $5 or more is this easy.


  • Go to your Maine Income Tax form - Form 1040ME
  • Locate Schedule CP which is used for voluntary charitable contributions to any of the organizations listed. [Schedule CP is also used to purchase a park pass for entry into Maine State Parks].
  • Look for Maine Public Library Fund in section A.
  • Choose to donate _$5 _$10 _$25 or more.
  • Maine taxpayers using the I-File system will also see the Maine Public Library Fund on the Schedule CP voluntary contributions page.
  • If you have any questions, see Maine Revenue Service (MRS) or consult your tax advisor.

Instructions for individuals who use TurboTax or H&R Block

How do these funds help?

Proceeds from the 2013 tax check-off supported the purchase of additional Ebooks for the Maine InfoNet Download Library. Depending on our amount of funds raised, the check-off could also support:

  • Expanding interlibrary loan support
  • Creating new library programming
  • Supporting special consultant services from which all can benefit
  • And so much more!

Help promote the tax check-off in your community

You can use the following files to promote the tax check-off in your library or elsewhere in your community:

Visit the library resource page for more information on how your library can spread the word about the Maine Public Library Fund income tax check-off.

Background on the Maine Public Library Fund check-off

The second session of the 125th Maine State Legislature approved adding a “Maine Public Library Fund check-off to state income tax forms. The following is a quote from the law Sec. 1. 27 MRSA Subsection 8:

“…The fund is administered by the State Librarian. All money deposited in the fund and the earnings on that money remain in the fund to be used to provide grants to free public libraries for use in providing services identified as priority services by the State Librarian…”

Priority will be given to grants that benefit all or a significant number of Maine public libraries.