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Citizen Alert System

In the event of an alert, the alert headline(s) and link will be displayed below. Click the headline for more information.

Read more about how the Alert System works, or view our list of Emergency & Disaster Resources below.

Maine.gov's Citizen Alert System has been established as a way for Maine state government to keep the public informed about events that may impact public health or safety. Information issued through the Maine.gov Citizen Alert System is provided directly from authorized state government officials.

We encourage you to check the Maine.gov home page to verify whether an urgent event is occurring and to get information about the event and any precautions or actions you should take. A special icon and text appears near the top left of the page. When an alert is in effect, the alert area will turn red, and the text next to the link will indicate an active alert.

Sign Up for Email or SMS Alerts

Get notified by email or SMS when an alert has been issued. You can sign up to receive free alerts by email, or to your cell phone.

Sign up for text Updates

Receive Alerts with Twitter!

We now offer citizen alerts through Twitter, a service that allows for sending and receiving short messages using the web, instant messaging, or telephone messaging. You can view the current citizen alerts by visiting the Maine.gov Twitter page; if you sign up for a free account you can also receive the alerts via SMS on your telephone, or in your instant messaging account.

Receive Alerts using RSS

We also offer an RSS feed of citizen alerts. subscribe to RSS feed of citizen alerts

Types of Alerts

Some of the types of alerts that might be issued through this system should an urgent event occur:

  • Amber/Kidnapping Alerts
  • Severe storm warnings/bulletins
  • Statewide government office closings
  • Homeland security
  • Health epidemic or threat to public health

Emergency & Disaster Resources