Bee on a Flower

The purpose of this program is to prevent the introduction and/or spread of regulated honey bee diseases, parasites, and undesirable genetic material in resident and migratory honey bee colonies, as well as encourage and maintain interstate movement of honey bees for crop pollination and honey production.

Major responsibilities of the program include:

  • licensing of resident beekeepers and permitting the entry of migratory bees from other states into Maine;
  • inspection of resident and migratory honey bee colonies for regulated diseases and parasites;
  • surveying commercial bee keeping operations for Africanized honey bee;
  • educating beekeepers, growers, and the general public about bee keeping techniques and the value of honeybees to Maine agriculture.

Anyone who keeps honeybees in Maine MUST obtain an apiary license.

  • Apiary License Application (PDF) (Word)


Updated: April 16, 2014