image of potato field

The Division of Animal and Plant Health certifies seed potatoes in Maine to control the level of regulated pests in Maine's potato industry. Certification is a three step process:

  1. Inspection of seed potatoes during the summer
    • Only seed lots that are found to meet the tolerance for regulated diseases and pests are eligible to be certified as seed.
    • A directory of producers whose seed lots pass the summer inspection program is compiled at the conclusion of the field inspection season.

  2. Disease evaluation of samples submitted for testing in Florida
    • Maine statutes require that in order for a seed lot to receive certification, a sample must be submitted for post-harvest disease evaluation at a state-owned farm in Homestead, Florida.
    • Seed lots meeting the tolerances of the post-harvest test are published at the conclusion of the program.
    • Florida Test Results for 2014-2015. (PDF, 988KB)

  3. Inspection during shipping to ensure the potatoes meet grade standards
    • Only lots that are found to meet field, post-harvest test, and shipping point inspection tolerances can be tagged as certified seed. (PDF, 1.2MB)