Maine Construction General Permit (MCGP)

Statutory sections
General permit
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This general permit describes permit coverage and limitations, definitions, requirements, procedures, performance standards, and standard conditions.

Note: Construction activity may also require approval pursuant to other laws such as the Natural Resources Protection Act, Site Law, Stormwater Management Law, or certain industry-specific laws. For further information, see "contacts" below.


  • For general licensing questions, please use the ON-CALL system . Call one of the following numbers, and ask to speak with the "on-call" person for the NRPA program in the Bureau of Land and Water Quality. Augusta: 800-452-1942. Bangor: 888-769-1137. Portland: 888-769-1036. Presque Isle: 888-769-1053. The area code for all of Maine is 207.

Statutory sections



General permits

  • MCGP text and appendices (pdf files). Originally issued March 10, 2003. Reissed effective July 20, 2004. Reissued effective July 21, 2006. Expires January 20, 2008. Note: Part I(C) of the MCGP provides in part (emphasis added):

    C. Continuation of expired General Permit. If this permit is not reissued, revoked or replaced prior to the expiration date, it will be administratively continued in accordance with the Administrative Procedures Act and remain in force and effect. Any permittee who was granted permit coverage prior to the expiration date will automatically remain covered by the continued permit until the earlier of:

    1. Reissuance or replacement of this general permit, at which time the permittee must comply with the notice of intent conditions of the new permit to maintain authorization to discharge; or

    2. The permittee's submittal of a Notice of Termination; or

    3. Issuance of an individual permit for the permittee's discharges; or

    4. A formal permit decision by the Director not to reissue this general permit, at which time the permittee must seek coverage under an alternative general permit or individual permit.

Supplementary materials

  • Citizen's Guide (guidance).This guide is a DRAFT. Not all graphics have yet been included.

Note: the information on the BMP pages is written in the form in which they would commonly appear in plan specifications. The text is presented this way in order to make it easier for someone to incorporate the material into an erosion and sedimentation control plan (ESC plan), if wanted.

To obtain hard copies of the materials listed above, call your nearest DEP regional office, or email.