Nonpoint Source Priority Watersheds List

In 1998, the Maine Land & Water Resources Council adopted a list of Nonpoint Source (NPS) Priority Watersheds. The purpose of the list has been to establish priorities for directing resources to the management of waterbodies based on:

  • The degree of threat or impairment to water quality and aquatic habitat that exists due to nonpoint source pollution;
  • The value of the water body;
  • The likelihood of successfully restoring or protecting water quality; and
  • The degree of local public support for watershed management.

The NPS Priority Watersheds List identifies those watersheds where State and Federal agencies will coordinate activities and seek to provide assistance to local groups for the purpose of developing or implementing watershed management plans.

STATUS: (2010 update) The 1998 list is still in use.  When staff resources allow, the department intends to conduct a review and update the priority list.  No timetable has been established for this review. 

Contact: Don Witherill 215-9751

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