Maine State Library Commission, March 25, 2013

Meeting called to order at 1:00PM.

Attendance: Commission Members Present: Beth Edmonds (Chair), Joyce Rumery (Vice Chair), Debe Averill, Jeff Cabral, Charlie Campo, Deborah Clark, Elisabeth Doucett, Michael Hays, Mike Kennedy, Molly Larson, Barbara McDade, Dick Thompson, Art Turley, Karen Baldacci (phone)

Absent: Steve Podgajny

Also present: Linda Lord, James Ritter, Janet McKenney, Mamie Ney, Stephanie Zurinski, Valerie Osborne, James Jackson Sanborn, Susan Preece

Minutes from the January 14, 2013 meeting were approved.

Request to Add Additional Library

The Deer Isle Historical Society submitted a request to the Commission to be added to MSLN: L. Lord and J. McKenney both indicated that the Historical Society does not meet qualifications under MTEAF, under federal eRate, or under Maine Title 35-A. Some discussion ensued Commission voted UNANIMOUSLY to decline application

Annual Report Update

Update provided that 136 libraries completed, 77 started, and 44 have not started. J. McKenney feels the process is going well. Significant discussion ensued regarding libraries that have not done the report in the last two years discussion primarily focused on 1) What services should be taken? 2) Who communicates the decision?

Below is summary of lengthy discussion:

  • April 1 Commission will support consequences of not filing
  • All libraries that might be affected have been notified numerous times (however, many pointed out that influential individuals at local town level or state legislators have not been notified and doing so may be in best interests)
  • The financial impact of losing certain services is hard to define, as LSTA funding supports many of these initiatives and quantifying by individual library is difficult
  • Discussion around an "audit" trail is VERY IMPORTANT. Point emphasized is that it's not enough to simply indicate that a library has been notified 'several' times having a trail of correspondence and certified mail receipts, etc. is critical.
    • It was indicated that there was not a significant paper trail on file; however, the act of not filing is part of the trail as well as the certified letter sent by the Commission.
  • The Commission had significant discussion relating to whom correspondence should come from to direct affected libraries that they will lose services.
    • Numerous Commission members felt that because the Commission established the rules allowing for revocation of services, it should be the Commission that enforces and communicates this
    • Others felt that the State Librarian, with the support and backing of the Commission, should have the latitude to determine the services, if any, which would be revoked.
  • A motion was made: "The Maine State Library Commission directs the State Librarian to implement the following rule: Public libraries in Maine shall submit the Public Libraries Survey (a.k.a. the Public Library Annual Report) to the Maine State Library by April 1 each year and must maintain an active subscription to either MELIBS-L or MEINFO-L. Failure to comply with this rule may result in the revocation of state-wide library services provided by the Maine State Library, including but not limited to internet access via the Maine School and Library Network (MSLN)."
  • The motion was seconded and UNANIMOUSLY APPROVED.

LSTA Funding and Sequestration

  • J. McKenney submitted potential scenarios to reduce funding of various LSTA funded services. The proposal is not finalized and will not be until further guidance is received from LSTA.

Strategic Plan Update

  • Various members of MSL staff provided updates on all items of the strategic plan and there were no follow-up comments from Commission members

James Jackson Sanborn Maine InfoNet

  • Minor upgrades to MaineCAT have occurred impact affects material type filed
  • The Overdrive Download Library has a new website and is much more user friendly.

Friends of Maine State Library

  • Met March 22, 2013 and have generated new ideas and direction
  • Early Childhood Literacy Focus Three Prongs
    1. Educate the public about the importance of Early Childhood Literacy
    2. Educate public and school librarians provide unique sponsored training opportunities
    3. Involve caregivers in early childhood literacy efforts specific focus on providing materials and education for grandparents as it pertains to how they spend time with their grandchildren
  • How to reach people?
    • Book Clubs
    • Google Grants marketing initiatives
    • Programs

State Librarian Report

  • Income Tax Check-off update - still no report on funds received continue to get word out.
  • Appropriations testimony went very well.
  • Will help with a program "Celebrate! The Maine Woods" being initiated by Maine Woods Forever
  • Provided brief update on eRate/MTEAF
  • Digital Commons (State Docs) is live
  • Provided updates on LD 532 changes to Title 27 as well as indicated the initiatives the Governor included in his 2014-15 Biennial Budget Proposal: Digital Commons, Digital Microfilm Reader, and Van Delivery Expansion

Consultant Reports

V. Osborne:

  • Provided update that Maine has initiated a Book Award the Maine Reader's Choice Award

S. Zurinski:

  • Conducted two classes through Adobe Connect: 1) Be a Great Boss and 2) School Librarians Guide to Advocacy and Leadership
    • Both classes going very well
    • M. Hayes indicated employee at his library participated in Be a Great Boss and commented positively about the class

M. Ney:

  • SMLD conducting a workshop on connecting patrons with autism to the library
  • Bookmobile in Portland (via PPL) includes computers Key Bank is the sponsor

District Liaison's Report:

  • S. Preece reported that the Tri-District Meeting would be held on April 6 Of the Nine (9) goals that the District Liaison Committee produced in 2009, four (4) have been completed
    • Will discuss future goals and collaboration
    • Of particular importance to the DLC is the accounting of ARRC funding

Other Business:

  • A.Turley presented draft "Standards" Report for review and comment at the May 20, 2013 Commission Meeting L. Lord gaining consensus regarding BPL/PPL/MSL recognizing each other's cards/services
  • B. Edmonds Cultural Affairs Council already looking at opportunities surrounding Maine's State Bi-Centennial (just seven years from now)
  • J. Cabral will attend Cultural Heritage Council's Emergency Preparedness Meeting in Philadelphia in April.
  • Motion made to adjourn. Meeting adjourned at 2:59 pm. Next meeting is May 20, 2013 at 1:00 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Acting Secretary James Ritter
MSL, Director of Reader and Information Services