Beverage Use PolicyGuidelines for what is and is not permitted in terms of beverages in the State Library.

The Maine State Library is revising its policy on bottled drinks and travel mug coffee or tea. The intent of the change is to allow current library users to enjoy beverages while at the same time continuing to protect the irreplaceable materials in the library as a heritage for future generations.

Beverages will be permitted in the Library under the following guidelines:

  • Beverages must be in hard sided sealable containers.
  • Tops must be on containers when not in use.
  • Beverages are permitted near the couches and the laptop table in front of the reference desk.
  • Patrons with  beverages may read periodicals or books from the circulating collection.
  • "Library Use Only" items can NOT be used by anyone with a beverage.
  • Library computers can not be used by anyone with a beverage.

Signs indicating this policy [PDF, 58 KB] will be displayed at the entrance and in appropriate places around the library. This file requires the free Adobe Reader.

We have every expectation that patrons will comply with the criteria in this experimental policy and that visiting MSL will be a more comfortable, enjoyable experience.