Professional Collection Past Year Additions

The Maine State Library is now purchasing many new books related to library professional development and they are available for borrowing. Receive them through the van delivery or mail. Each district office may have a few titles for browsing.

Recently Purchase Professional Books
Author Title Publisher Copyright

Introduction to information science and technology edited by Charles H. Davis and Debora Shaw

American Society for Information Science and Technology 2011
Adams, Helen R.

Protecting Intellectual Freedom and Privacy in Your School Library

Libraries Unlimited 2013
Albitz, Becky, Christine Avery, and Diane Zabel (eds.)

Rethinking Collection Development and Management

Libraries Unlimited 2014
Alessio, Amy J.

Mind-Bending Mysteries and Thrillers for Teens: A Programming and Readers' Advisory Guide

ALA Editions 2014
Alfino, Mark and Laura Koltutsky (eds.)

The Library Juice Press Handbook of Intellectual Freedom: concepts, Cases, and Theories

Library Juice Press 2014
Anderson, Elsa

Electronic Resource Management Systems: A Workflow Approach

ALA Techsource 2014
Anderson-Newman, Susan

Cooking up a Storytime: Mix-and-Match Menus for Easy Programming

ALA Editions 2014
Andrew, Paige G., Susan M. Moore, and Mary Larsgaard

RDA (Resource Description & Access) and Cartographic Resources

ALA Editions 2015
Antonelli, Monika and Mark McCullough

Greening Libraries

Library Juice Press 2012
Ashworth, Kenneth H.

Caught Between the Dog and the Fireplug, or, How to Survive Public Service

Georgetown University Press 2001
Association for Library Service to Children

The Newbery & Caldecott Awards: A Guide to the Medal and Honor Books (2012 ed.)

American Library Association 2012
Aufderheide, Patricia and Peter Jaszi

Reclaiming Fair Use: How to Put Balance Back in Copyright

The University of Chicago Press 2011
Bagley, Caitlin A.

Makerspaces Top Trailblazing Projects: A LITA Guide

ALA TechSource 2014
Bailey, Alan R.

Building a Core Print Collection for Preschoolers

ALA Editions 2014
Bandy, H. Anthony

eBooked! Integrating Free Online Book Sites into Your Library Collection

Libraries Unlimited 2013
Banks, Carrie Scott, Sandra Feinberg, Barbara Jordan, Kathleen Deerr, and Michelle Langa

Including Families of Children with Special Needs

Neal-Schuman 2014
Bauder, Julia

The Reference Guide to Data Sources

ALA Editions 2014
Bawden, David and Lyn Robinson

Introduction to Information Science

Neal-Schuman 2013
Bemis, Michael F.

Library and Information Science: A Guide to Key Literature and Sources

ALA Editions 2014
Bennis, Warren G.

On Becoming a Leader

Basic Books 2009
Bennis, Warren G.

Geeks & Geezers: How Era, Values, and Defining Moments Shape Leaders

Harvard Business School Press 2002
Bishop, Kay

The Collection Program in Schools: Concepts and Practices (5th ed.)

Libraries Unlimited 2013
Bizzle, Ben with Maria Flora

Start a Revolution: Stop Acting Like a Library

ALA Editions 2015
Bodart, Joni Richards

Radical Reads 2: Working with the Newest Edgy Titles for Teens

The Scarecrow Press 2010
Boog, Jason

Born Reading: Bringing Up Bookworms in a Digital Age -- From Picture Books to eBooks and Everything in Between

Simon & Schuster 2014
Booth, Heather & Karen Jensen (eds.)

The Whole Library Handbook: Teen Services

ALA Editions 2014
Bridges, Karl

Customer-Based Collection Development: An Overview

ALA Editions 2014
Bridges, William

Managing Transitions: Making the Most of Change

Da Capo 2003
Brown, Adrian

Practical Digital Preservation: A How-To Guide for Organizations of Any Size

Neal-Schuman 2013
Brown, Amy

Let's Start the Music: Programming for Primary Grades

ALA Editions 2014
Buchanan, Heidi E. and Beth A. McDonough

The One-Shot Library Instruction Survival Guide

ALA Editions 2014
Buckingham, Marcus

Now, Discover Your Strengths

Free Press 2001
Buckingham, Marcus

The One Thing You Need to Know: About Great Managing, Great Leading and Sustained Individual Success

Free Press 2005
Buckingham, Marcus

The One Thing You Need to Know [sound recording]: About Great Managing, Great Leading, and Sustained Individual Success

Simon & Schuster Audio 2005
Buckingham, Marcus

Go Put Your Strengths to Work: 6 Powerful Steps to Achieve Outstanding Performance

Free Press 2007
Buckingham, Marcus

Go Put Your Strengths to Work [sound recording]

Simon & Schuster Audio 2007
Buckingham, Marcus and Curt Coffman

First, Break All the Rules: What the World's Greatest Managers Do Differently

Simon & Schuster 1999
Burns, Christa and Michael P. Sauers

Google Search Secrets

Neal-Schuman 2014
Butler, Rebecca P.

Copyright for Academic Librarians and Professionals

ALA Editions 2014
Calhoun, Karen

Exploring Digital Libraries: Foundations, Practice, Prospects

Neal-Schuman 2014
Carr, Mary M.

The Green Library Planner: What Every Librarian Needs to Know Before Starting to Build or Renovate

The Scarecrow Press, Inc. 2013
Cart, Michael

Cart's Top 200 Adult Books for Young Adults: Two Decades in Review

ALA Editions 2013
Chan, Lois Mai and Edward T. O'Neill

FAST: Faceted Application of Subject Terminology Principles and Application

Libraries Unlimited 2010
Cleveland, Donald B. and Ana D. Cleveland

Introduction to Indexing and Abstracting (Fourth Edition)

Libraries Unlimited 2013
Conner, Matthew

The New University Library: 4 Case Studies

ALA Editions 2014
Covey, Stephen

The 8th Habit: From Effectiveness to Greatness

Free Press 2004
Covey, Stephen

The 8th Habit[sound recording]: From Effectiveness to Greatness

Simon & Schuster Audio 2004
Crane, Beverley E.

How to Teach: A Practical Guide for Librarians

Rowman & Littlefield 2014
Crawford, Walt

Successful Social Networking in Public Libraries

ALA Editions 2014
Crew, Hilary Susan

Experiencing America's Story Through Fiction: Historical Novels for Grades 7-12

ALA Editions 2014
Curzon, Susan Carol

What Every Library Director Should Know

Rowman & Littlefield 2014
Dando, Priscille

Say it with Data: A consise Guide to Making Your Case and Getting Results

ALA Editions 2014
Daugherty, Alice L. and Michael F. Russo, eds.

Embedded Librarianship: What Every Academic Librarian Should Know

Libraries Unlimited 2013
Del Negro, Janice M.

Folktales Aloud: Practical Advice for Playful Storytelling

ALA Editions 2014
Dempsey, Lorcan

The Network Reshapes the Library: Lorcan Dempsey on Libraries, Services, and Networks

ALA Editions 2014
Devine, Jane and Francine Egger-Sider

Going Beyond Google Again: Strategies for Using and Teaching the Invisible Web

Neal-Schuman 2014
Diamant-Cohen, Betsy and Melanie A. Hetrick

Transforming Preschool Storytime: A Modern Vision and a Year of Programs

Neal-Schuman 2013
Dietzel-Glair, Julie

Books in Motion: Connecting Preschoolers with Books through Art, Games, Movement, Music, Playacting, and Props

Neal-Schuman 2013
Dobbs, Aaron W., Ryan L. Sittler & Douglas Cook (eds.)

Using LibGuides to Enhance Library Services

ALA Tech Source 2013
Dowd, Susan (ed.)

Beyond Book Sales: The Complete Guide to Raising Real Money for Your Library

Neal-Schuman 2014
Doyle, Robert P.

Banned Books: Challenging Our Freedom to Read

American Library Association 2014
Drucker, Peter F.

Managing in the Next Society

St. Martin's Press 2002
Drucker, Peter F.

The Definitive Drucker

McGraw-Hill 2007
Drucker, Peter f.

Managing in the Next Society

St. Martins Press 2002
Drucker, Peter F.

Management Challenges for the 21st Century

HarperBusiness 1999
Drucker, Peter F.

Managing in a Time of Great Change

Truman Talley Books/Dutton 1995
Eaton, Gale

The Education of Alice M. Jordan: Navigating a Career in Children's Librarianship

Rowman & Littlefield 2014
Eberhart, George M. (ed.)

The Whole Library Handbook 5: Current Data, Professional Advice, and Curiosa About Libraries and Library Services

ALA Editions 2013
Edwards, Julie Biando, et al

[Transforming Libraries, Building Communities: The Community-Centered Library]{

The Scarecrow Press, Inc. 2013
El-Sherbini, Magda

RDA: Resource Description & Access: Strategies for Implementation

ALA Editions 2013
Engberg, Gillian and Ian Chipman [eds.]

Booklist's 1000 Best Young Adult Books Since 2000

ALA Editions 2014
Erlandson, Rene J. & Rachel A. Erb

Technology for Small and One-Person Libraries: An LITA Guide

ALA TechSource
Ernst, Linda L.

The Essential Lapsit Guide: A Multimedia How-to-do-it Manual and Programming Guide for Stimulating Literacy Development from 12 to 24 Months

Neal-Schuman 2015
Evangeliste, Mary & Katherine Furlong (eds.)

Letting Go of Legacy Services: Library Case Studies

ALA Editions 2014
Farmer, Lesley S. J.

Library Services for Youth with Autism Spectrum Disorders

ALA Editions 2013
Farney, Tabatha & Nina McHale

Web Analytics Strategies for Information Professionals: a LITA Guide

ALA TechSource 2013
Fetters, Linda K.

Handbook of Indexing Techniques: A Guide for Beginning Indexers, 5th edition

Information Today, Inc. 2013
Fletcher-Spear, Kristin and Kelly Tyler

Intellectual Freedom for Teens: A Practical Guide for Young Adult and School Librarians

ALA Editions 2014
Foote, Diane (ed.)

Popular Picks for Young Readers

ALA Editions 2014
Galford, Robert M.

The Trusted Leader: Bringing Out the Best in Your People and Your Company

Free Press 2002
Garmer, Amy K.

Rising to the Challenge: Re-Envisioning Public Libraries

The Aspen Institute 2014
Gasaway, Laura N.

Copyright Questions and Answers for Information Professionals: From the Columns of Against the Grain

Purdue University Press 2013
Ghoting, Saroj Nadkarni and Kathy Fling Klatt

STEP into Storytime: Using StoryTime Effective Practice to Strengthen the Development of Newborns to Five-Year-Olds

ALA Editions 2014
Ghoting, Saroj Nadkarni and Pamela Martin-Diaz

Storytimes for Everyone! Developing Young Children's Language and Literacy

ALA Editions 2013
Gilton, Donna L.

Lifelong Learning in Public Libraries: Principles, Programs, and People

The Scarecrow Press 2012
Goldman, Jeremy

Going Social: Excite Customers, Generate Buzz, and Energize Your Brand with the Power of Social Media

American Management Association 2013
Goldsmith, Francisca

Libraries and the Affordable Care Act: Helping the Community Understand Health Care Options

ALA Editions
Goleman, Daniel

Focus: The Hidden Driver of Excellence

Harper 2013
Goodman, Amanda L.

Digital Media Labs in Libraries: Library Technology Reports

ALA TechSource 2014
Griffey, Jason

3-D Printers for Libraries

ALA Techsource 2014
Grover, Robert J. and Susan G. Fowler

Helping Those Experiencing Loss: a Guide to Grieving Resources

Libraries Unlimited 2011
Gruenberg, Michael L.

Buying and Selling Information: A Guide for Information Professionals and Salespeople to Build Mutual Success

Information Today, Inc. 2014
Hakala-Ausperk, Catherine

Build a Great Team: One Year to Success

ALA Editions 2013
Halsted, Deborah D., Shari Clifton and Daniel T. Wilson

Library as Safe Haven: Disaster Planning, Response, and Recovery

Neal-Schuman 2014
Hammerman, Susan Summerfield

Researching Prospective Donors: Get More Funding for Your Library

ALA Editions 2014
Handley, Ann and C. C. Chapman

Content Rules: How to Create Killer Blogs, Podcasts, Videos, EBooks, Webinars (and more) that Engage Customes and Ignite Your Business

John Wiley & Sons, Inc. 2012
Hands, Africa S.

Successfully Serving the College Bound

ALA Editions 2015
Healey, Paul D.

Legal Reference for Librarians: How and Where to Find the Answers

ALA Editions 2014
Heller, Mary Jo and Aarene Storms

Sex in the Library: A Guide to Sexual Content in Teen Literature

VOYA Press 2013
Hennig, Nicole

Selecting and Evaluating the Best Mobile Apps for Library Services

ALA TechSource 20147
Hernon, Peter (ed.)

Shaping the Future: Advancing the Understanding of Leadership

Libraries Unlimited 2010
Hernon, Peter and Joseph R. Matthews

Reflecting on the Future of Academic and Public Libraries

ALA Editions 2013
Hernon, Peter, Robert E. Dugan and Joseph R. Matthews

Getting Started With Evaluation

ALA Editions 2014
Hernon, Peter, Robert E. Dugan and Joseph R. Matthews

Managing with Data: Using ACRLMetrics and PLAmetrics

ALA Editions 2015
Herring, Mark Y.

Are Libraries Obsolete? An Argument for Relevance in the Digital Age

McFarland & Co., Inc. 2014
Hibner, Holly and Mary Kelly

Making a Collection Count: A Holistic Approach to Library Collection Management (2nd ed.)

Chandos Publishing 2013
Hill, Barbara Albers

Breaking Through: Using Educational Technology for Children with Special Needs

SquareOne Publishers 2014
Hollister, Christopher V.

Handbook of Academic Writing for Librarians, revised edition

Association of College and Research Libraries 2014
Holt, Leslie E. and Glen E. Holt

Success with Library Volunteers

Libraries Unlimited 2014
Huber, Jeffrey T. and Susan Swogger

Introduction to Reference Sources in the Health Sciences, Updated, Revised, and Expanded (6th ed.)

Neal-Schuman 2014
Irons, Kati

Film Programming for Public Libraries

ALA Editions 2014
Johnson, Peggy

Developing and Managing Electronic Collections: The Essentials

ALA Editions 2013
Johnson, Peggy

Fundamentals of Collection Development and Management

ALA Editions 2014
Jones, Cherri and J. B. Petty

Multiethnic Books for the Middle-School Curriculum

ALA Editions 2013
Jones, Ed

RDA and Serials Cataloging

ALA Editions 2013
Kanter, Rosabeth Moss

Confidence: How Winning Streaks and Losing Streaks Begin and End

Crown Business 2004
Kanter, Rosabeth Moss

Confidence [sound recording]: How Winning Streaks and Losing Streaks Begin and End

Books on Tape 2004
Kemp, Adam

The Makerspace Workbench: Tools, Technologies, and Techniques for Making

MakerMedia 2013
Kennedy, Marie R. and Cheryl LaGuardia

Marketing Your Library's Electronic Resources: A How-To-Do-It Manual for Librarians

Neal-Schuman 2013
Kim, Bohyun

The Library Mobile Experience: Practices and User Expectations

ALA Techsource 2013
Kincy, Chamya Pompey with Sara Shatford Layne

Making the move to RDA: A Self-Study Primer for Catalogers

Rowman & Littlefield 2014
Kirchhoff, Liz

Teaching Social Media: The Can-Do Guide

Libraries Unlimited 2014
Klipper, Barbara

Programming for Children and Teens with Autism Spectrum Disorder

ALA Editions 2014
Kotter, John P.

Accelerate: Building Strategic Agility for a Faster-Moving World

Harvard Business Review Press 2014
Kriegel, Robert J.

Sacred Cows Make the Best Burgers: Paradigm-busting Strategies for Developing Change-ready People and Organizations

Warner Books 1996
Kuhlthau, Carol C., Leslie K. Maniotes and Ann K. Caspari

Guided Inquiry: Learning in the 21st Century

Libraries Unlimited 2007
Kuhlthau, Carol C., Leslie K. Maniotes, and Ann K. Caspari

Guided Inquiry Design: a Framework for Inquiry in Your School

Libraries Unlimited 2012
Lanning, Scott

Concise Guide to Information Literacy

Libraries Unlimited 2012
Lear, Brett W.

Adult Programs in the Library (2nd ed.)

ALA Editions 2013
Leckie, Gloria J., Lisa M. Given and JohnE. Buschman (eds.)

Critical theory for Library and Information Science: Exploring the Social from Across the Disciplines

Libraries Unlimited 2010
Leeder, Kim and Eric Frierson (eds.)

Planning Our Future Libraries: Blueprints for 2025

ALA Editions 2014
Lencioni, Patrick

The Five Dysfunctions of a Team: A Leadership Fable

Jossey-Bass 2002
Lencioni, Patrick

Death by Meeting: A Leadership Fable -- About Solving the Most Painful Problem in Business

Jossey-Bass 2004
Lencioni, Patrick

Death by Meeting [sound recording]: A Leadership Fable -- About Solving the Most Painful Problem in Business

Audio Renaissance 2004
Leonard, Elizabeth and Erin McCaffrey

Virtually Embedded: The Librarian in an Online Environment

Association of College and Research Libraries 2014
Levitov, Deborah D. ed.

Activism and the School Librarian: Tools for Advocacy and Survival

Libraries Unlimited 2012
Lewis, Alison (ed.)

Questioning Library neutrality: Essays from Progressive Librarian

Library Juice Press 2008
MacLeod, Don

How to Find Out Anything: From Extreme Google Searches to Scouring Government Documents, a Guide to Uncovering Anything About Everyone and Everything

Prentice Hall Press 2012
MacMillan, Kathy & Christine Kirker

Baby Storytime Magic: Active Early Literacy Through Bounces, Rhymes, Tickles and More

ALA Editions 2014
Maddigan, Beth and Susan Bloos

Community Library Programs That Work: Building Youth and Family Literacy

Libraries Unlimited 2014
Matthews, Stephen A. and Kimberly D. Matthews

Crash Course in Strategic Planning

Libraries Unlimited 2013
Maxwell, Robert L.

Maxwell's Handbook for RDA: Resource Description & Access: Explaining and Illustrating RDA: Resource Description and Access Using MARC21

ALA Editions 2013
McArdle, Megan M.

The Readers' Advisory Guide to Genre Blends

ALA Editions 2015
McCollough, Carole J. and Adelaide Poniatowski Phelps (eds).

The Coretta Scott King Awards, 1970-2014 (5th ed.)

ALA Editions 2015
McDonald, Courtney Greene

Putting the User First: 30 Strategies for Transforming Library Services

Association of College and Research Libraries 2014
Mering, Margaret ed.

The RDA Workbook: Learning the Basics of Resource Description and Access

Libraries Unlimited
Miller, Donalyn with Susan Kelley

Reading in the Wild: The Book Whisperer's Keys to Cultivating Lifelong Reading Habits

Jossey-Bass 2014
Miller, Stephen J.

Metadata for Digital Collections: A How-to-do-it Manual

Neal-Schuman 2011
Miner, Jeremy T. and Lynn E. Miner

Proposal Planning & Writing (5th ed.)

Greenwood 2013
Mitchell, Erik T.

Cloud-Based Services for Your Library: A LITA Guide

ALA TechSource 2013
Modschiedler, Christa and Denise Beaubien Bennett (eds.)

Guide to Reference in Medicine and Health

ALA Editions 2014
Moniz, Richard and Jean Moats

The Personal Librarian: Enhancing the Student Experience

ALA Editions 2014
Moran, Barbara B., Robert D. Stueart and Claudia J. Morner

Library and Information Center Management (8th ed.)

Libraries Unlimited 2013
Moreillou, Judi

Coteaching Reading Comprehension Strategies in Elementary School Libraries: Maximizing Your Impact

American Library Association 2013
Murphy, Sarah Anne (ed.)

The Quality Infrastructure: Measuring, Analyzing, and Improving Library Services

ALA Editions 2014
Naidoo, Jamie Campbell and Sarah Park Dahlen

Diversity in Youth Literature: Opening Doors through Reading

ALA Editions 2013
Nelson, Bryce

The Academic Library Administrator's Field Guide

ALA Editions 2014
Nichols, Joel A.

Teaching Internet Basics: The Can-Do Guide

Libraries Unlimited
Nims, Julia K, Paula Storm and Robert Stevens

Implementing an Inclusive Staffing Model for Today's Reference Services: A Practical Guide for Librarians

Rowman & Littlefield 2014
Olson, Christi A.

Winning with Library Leadership: Enhancing Services Through Connection, Contribution, & Collaboration

American Library Association 2004
Pagowsky, Nicole and Miriam Rigby

The Librarian Stereotype: Deconstructing Perceptions & Presentations of Information Work

Association of College and Research Libraries 2014
Patterson, Kerry, et. al.

Crucial Conversations: Tools for Talking When Stakes are High

McGraw-Hill 2012
Pawley, Christine and Louise S. Robbins

Libraries and the Reading Public in Twentieth-Century America

The University of Wisconsin Press 2013
Perper, Timothy and Martha Cornog

Mangatopia: Essays on Manga and Anime in the Modern World

Libraries Unlimited 2011
Peters, Thomas A. and Lori Bell, eds.

The Handheld Library: Mobile Technology and the Librarian

Libraries Unlimited 2013
Phelps, Adelaide Poniatowski and Carole J. McCollough

Coretta Scott King Award Books Discussion Guide: Pathways to Democracy

ALA Editions 2014
Phillips, Andrea

A Creator's Guide to Transmedia Storytelling: How to Captivate and Engage Audiences Across Multiple Platforms

McGraw-Hill 2012
Phillips, Andrea

A Creator's Guide to Transmedia Storytelling: How to Captivate and Engage Audiences Across Multiple Platforms

McGraw Hill 2012
Pinnell, Gay Su and Irene C. Fountas

Literacy Beginnings: A Prekindergarten Handbook

Heinemann 2011
Poe, Elizabeth A.

From Children's Literature to Readers Theatre

ALA Editions 2013
Potter, Ned

The Library Marketing Toolkit

Facet Publishing 2012
Quinn, Robert E.

The Deep Change Field Guide: A Personal Course to Discovering the Leader Within

Jossey-Bass 2012
Ramsdell, Kristin

Romance Fiction: A Guide to the Genre

Libraries Unlimited, Inc. 1999
Reale, Michelle

Mentoring & Managing Students in the Academic Library

ALA Editions 2013
Reid, Rob

Silly books to read aloud

Huron Street Press 2013
Reid, Rob

Animal Shenanigans: 24 Creative, Interactive Story Programs for Preschoolers

ALA Editions 2015
Reidsma, Matthew

Responsive Web Design for Libraries: A LITA Guide

ALA TechSource 2014
Riddle, Johanna

Engaging the Eye Generation: Visual Literacy Strategies for the K-5 Classroom

Stenhouse Publishers 2009
Roginski, Dawn R.

A Year in the Story Room: Ready-to-Use Programs for Children

ALA Editions 2014
Ross, Catherine Sheldrick and Kirsti Nilsen

Communicating Professionally: A How-To-Do-It Manual for Librarians

Neal-Schuman 2013
Santamaria, Daniel A.

Extensible Processing for Archives and Special Collections: Reducing Processing Backlogs

Neal-Schuman 2015
Scales, Pat R.

Books Under Fire: A Hit List of Banned and Challenged Children's Books

ALA Editions 2015
Schanpp, Jeffrey T. and Matthew Battles

The Library Beyond the Book

Harvard University Press 2014
Schmidt, Aaron and Amanda Etches

Useful, Usable, Desirable: Applying User Experience Design to Your Library

ALA Editions 2014
Schmitz, Paul

Everyone Leads: Building Leadership from the Community Up

Jossey-Bass 2012
Schroeder, Robert

Critical Journeys: How 14 Librarians Came to Embrace Critical Practice

Library Juice Press 2014
Schull, Diantha Dow

50+ Library Services: Innovation in Action

ALA Editions 2013
Shaia, Lisa M.

After-school Clubs for Kids: Thematic Programming to Encourage Reading

ALA Editions 2014
Sheridan, Gina

I Work at a Public Library: A Collection of Crazy Stories from the Stacks

Adams Media 2014
Sinek, Simon

Start With Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone to Take Action

Portfolio/Penguin 2011
Singer, Paula M. and Gail Grifith

Succession Planning in the Library: Developing Leaders, Managing Change

American Library Association 2010
Smallwood, Carol (ed.)

Bringing the Arts into the Library

ALA Editions 2014
Smallwood, Carol and Kim Becnel, eds.

Library Services for Multicultural Patrons: Strategies to Encourage Library Use

The Scarecrow Press
Smallwood, Carol, Vera Gubnitskaia and Kerol Harrod

Marketing Your Library: Tips and Tools that Work

McFarland and Company, Inc. 2012
Smith, Cassandra J.

Ethical Behaviour in the E-Classroom: What the Online Student Needs to Know

Chandos Publishing 2012
Sowards, Steven W. and Elizabeth Leonard

Guide to Reference in Business and Economics

ALA Editions 2014
Stan, Susan

Global voices: Picture Books from Around the World

ALA Editions 2014
Starkey, Monique Delatte

Practical Programming: The Best of YA-YAAC

Young Adult Library Services Association 2013
Stickell, Lois and Bridgette Sanders, eds.

Making the Most of Your Library Career

ALA Editions 2014
Stielow, Frederick

Reinventing the Library for Online Education

ALA Editions 2014
Stoltz, Dorothy, Elaine M. Czarnecki, and Connie Wilson

Every Child Ready for School: Helping Adults Inspire Yung Children to Learn

ALA Editions 2013
Stueart, Robert D. and Maureen Sullivan

Developing Library Leaders: A How-To-Do-It Manual for Coaching, Team Building, and Mentoring Library Staff

Neal-Schuman 2010
Sullivan, Margaret

Library Spaces for 21st Century Learners: A Planning Guide for Creating New School Library Concepts

American Association of School Librarians 2013
Sullivan, Michael

Fundamentals of Children's Services, 2nd ed.

American Library Association 2013
Tanner, James L.

The Guide to FamilySearch Online

Bookmark Graphics 2011
Teitel, Martin

The Ultimate Insider's Guide to Winning Foundation Grants: A Foundation CEO Reveals the Secrets You Need to Know

Emerson and Church Publishers 2012
Thomsett-Scott, Beth C.

Marketing with Social Media: A LITA Guide

ALA Techsource 2014
Valenza, Joyce Kasman, Brenda L. Boyer, and Della Curtis

Social Media Curation: Library Technology Reports

ALA TechSource 22014
van Dam, Carla

The Socially Skilled Child Molester: Differentiating the Guilty from the Falsely Accused

Routledge 2013
Vardell, Sylvia M.

Poetry Aloud Here 2: Sharing Poetry with Children

ALA Editions 2014
Varnum, Kenneth J. (ed.)

The Top Technologies Every Librarian Needs to Know

ALA TechSource 2014
Velasquez, Diane L.

Library management 101: A Practical Guide

ALA Editions 2013
Wall, Cindy R. and Lynn M. Pawloski

The Maker Cookbook: Recipes for Children's and 'Tween Library Programs

Libraries Unlimited 2014
Walsh, Andrew

Using Mobile Technology to Deliver Library Services: A Handbook

The Scarecrow Press, Inc. 2013
Webber, Desiree, Dee Ann Corn, Elaine Harrod, Sandy Shropshire, Shereen Rasor, and Donna Norvell

Travel the Globe: Story Times, Activities, and Crafts for Children (2nd Ed.)

Libraries Unlimited 2013
Weir, Ryan O.

Managing Electronic Resources: A LITA Guide

ALA Techsource 2012
Weisburg, Hilda K.

School Librarians' Career Planner

ALA Editions 2013
Weisburg, Hilda K. and Ruth Toor.

New on the Job: A School Librarian's Guide to Success (2nd ed.)

ALA Editions 2015
Weiss, Andrew

Using Massive Digital Libraries (A lita Guide)

ALA TechSource 2014
Welsh, Anne and Sue Batley

Practical Cataloguing: AACR2, RDA and MARC 21

Neal-Schuman 2012
Weyandt, Hans

Read This! Handpicked Favorites from America's Indie Bookstores

Coffee House Press 2012
Whitlatch, Jo Bell and Susan E. Searing (eds)

Guide to Reference: Essential General Reference and Library Science Sources

ALA Editions 2014
Wilson, Lee

Fair Use, Free Use and Use by Permission: How to Handle Copyrights in All Media

Allworth Press 2005
Woolls, Blanche & David V. Loertscher

The Whole School Library Handbook

ala Editions 2013
Ye, Yunshan

The ALA Guide to Researching Modern China

ALA Editions 2014