Criminal Justice Videos

Can I Get There from Here?

5 programs - 30 min. each; 9-12; Career Education, Economics, Guidance, Maine Studies; Produced by: University of Maine at Augusta (1982)

What kind of future do poor, unskilled, unmotivated young people have in this state? Can I Get There From H ere? is a documentary series on employment opportunities, barriers, and support possibilities for young people in Maine which addresses this issue. Teachers are advised to preview before use as dialogue contains some profanity.

  1. Rural Youth
  2. Urban Youth
  3. Disabled Youth
  4. Single Parents
  5. Young Offenders

Equal Justice Under the Law

6 programs - 30 min. each; 9-12; Criminal Justice, H istory; Distributed by: Public Broadcasting System (1986)

Equal Justice Under The Law dramatizes four famous John Marshall trials. As Chief Justice of the Supreme Court from 1801-1835, he led the Court at a time when history was just beginning for the United States; and his compelling logic and far-sighted opinions shaped the course of America.

  1. Marbury vs. Madison
  2. McCulloch vs. Maryland
  3. Gibbons vs. Ogden
  4. The Trial of Aaron Burr, Pt 1
  5. The Trial of Aaron Burr, Pt. 2
  6. The Trial of Aaron Burr, Pt. 3

Free Press, Fair Trial

60 min.; 7-12; Communication, Criminal Justice, Maine Studies; Produced by: Maine Public Television (1995)

A round table of experts from the courts, the legal profession, and the media examine and discuss the inevitable conflicts between the rights of a free press in America and the right to a fair trial for those accused of crimes.

Help Wanted

8 programs - 15 min. each; 7-12; Agriculture, Career Education, Comminication, Criminal Justice, Guidance, H ealth; Distributed by: International Telecommunication Services (1987)

Help Wanted investigates a variety of vocations for the student who is preparing to enter the work force or go on to college. Job preparation and survival are discussed by people who are active in the fields discussed. The responsibilities and the skills needed for each occupation are discussed.

  1. Registered Nurse
  2. Television & Radio Broadcasting
  3. Medical Technologist
  4. Animal H ealth Technologist
  5. Secretarial Science
  6. Educationist
  7. Law Enforcement
  8. Agriculturist

Seeking Solutions in Maine

60 min.; 9-12; Criminal Justice, Current Issues, H uman Rights; Produced by: Maine Public Television (1999)

This live program focuses on how individuals are leading community efforts to fight domestic violence, youth violence, and hate crimes in Maine . H osted by Don Carrigan, Seeking Solutions in Maine also offers a panel of community leaders in Maine who are working to curb crime.