Posters, Flyers, & Tri-folds

All files are PDFs and require the free Adobe Reader. You can download and write in your information. We also can make some of the items as fillable PDFs and you type in your information in the specific areas. Let your consultant know; see the contact us page.

Thanks to Stephanie Zurinski, Central Maine Library District consultant for compiling the content.

Early Childhood Literacy

  1. Tri-fold: Your local library: a place to learn and grow; share and succeed. Importance of early literacy skills; Five easy ways for a child to develop skills [PDF, 2.85 MB]
  2. FlyerA: Five easy ways to help your child develop early literacy: Talk, Sing, Read, Write, Play [PDF, 637 KB]; Write in your information
    1. Fillable version to type in your library information then print [PDF, 1.08 MB]; Sample of fillable [PDF, 1.08 MB]
    2. Email your consultant (see the contact us page for email) to type in your information with dark green text color:
      Sample with a library's name, contact information and story hour.[PDF, 645 KB]
  3. FlyerB: Why early literacy is important; what are early literacy skills [PDF, 1.33 MB]
  4. Newsletter - Early Literacy, 4 pages, early literacy skills, behaviors, importance, five easy ways, ideas for babies, toddlers, preschoolers [PDF, 3.03 MB]
  5. Tri-fold - Sample: Library - a place for growing minds, Help your child get ready to read [PDF, 2.73 MB]


  1. Celebrate a Grandchild's Birth: Donate a baby/toddler program to your local library. [PDF, 630 KB
  2. Celebrate a Child's Birthday: Donate a toddler/preschool program to your local library.{PDF, 1.30 MB]