state of maine logo with beeTeaching Integrated Pest Management in the Classroom—Invasive Species Lessons

The following IPM lessons include invasive species concepts.

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  • Vital Signs Maine (Gulf of Maine Research Institute)
    Get your class involved with invasive species projects across the state of Maine by helping researchers monitor invasive species distribution. Many lessons are also available to help teach your kids about invasive species before you venture out into the field.
  • Intruders in Paradise from the Tampa Bay Estuary
    Browse the list below to find lessons of interest and then find the corresponding lesson on the host website above.

    These lessons were written for middle school students and specifically address many invasive species in Florida. They can be modified to suit older or younger students, and the invasive species can be changed to include species threatening your state.
    • A Dichotomous What? (Introduce students to a dichotomous key and use examples related to FL invasive species)
    • By Land, By Sea, By Air (Identify vectors that non-native species are transported, collect info on a specific invasive species from FL)
    • Classroom Takeover (specific characteristics that make invasive species thrive and impacts these species can have on the environment)
    • How Many Are Really Out There?!?! (research invasive species and where they are currently in FL)
    • How Well Do You Know Your Neighbors? (compare invasive species in similar climates, look at invaders globally and critically think about solutions to limit invader range expansions)
    • Invaders Galore! (population fluctuations, and factors that affect invasive populations)
    • Lionfish…Could They Invade Our Waters!?!? (characteristics that contribute to a species’ success, harm to the environment by invasive species and human roles in spreading them)
    • Made for Eating! (Fish biology, how certain morphological features contribute to competitive success and why the morphology of Flathead Catfish makes it a successful predator)
    • One Mean Weed! (reproductive ability of an aggressive plant and how roots contribute to a better competitor)
    • The Race for Space! (exponential growth, species population growth in limited space)
    • Sssssneaky, Pessssky, Sssspeciesss! (invasive species affects on an environment, invasive spread, and Brown Tree Snake affects on native species)
    • The Green Machine (reef sampling methods pros and cons and an invasive algae affecting coastal FL.)

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