Maine ATV Trails

An amazing network of trails makes it possible for ATV riders to travel throughout much of Maine. Trails include multi-use and multi-use rail trails through scenic recreation and wildlife areas. Be on the lookout for other trail users and wildlife on the trail. Check out our Trail Maps and Club pages to get started on Maine Trails.

Trail Maps

  • State ATV Trail Map - to request a copy to be mailed to you:
    • Call (207) 287-2751 or within Maine call 1-888-386-3288
    • In your message please provide:
      1. Your Name
      2. Postal Address
      3. Phone Number

ATV Trails on Maine State Parks and Public Lands

Use our Park Search Feature to find ATV trails.

Multi-use Rail Trails

Several state-owned or leased abandoned rail beds are available for multiple-use, including three-season ATV use.

Multi-use Road Systems

Many of the Public Reserved Lands road systems are open to ATV use.

  • If ATV use is allowed on a road it will be marked with a shared use sign.
  • If there are designated ATV trail systems they will have the regular ATV trail signs on them. If roads or trails don't have these signs then ATV use is prohibited!

Wildlife Management District roads (The Department of Inland Fisheries & Wildlife) are generally open to ATV use however, remember to always tread lightly and be respectful of other users of these properties.